The 8 Steps To Approval


Engage talks between Green Business Barbados and the client about what improvements are needed.

The Green Officer:

Assistance with the development of a green team and identification of a green team leader (Green Officer) that will spearhead operational changes within your business.

Environmental Audit:

An environmental audit is conducted by our auditor in these areas of your business:

Waste reduction and recycling

Energy conservation and renewables

Water conservation

Pollution Control and Prevention

Environmental education

Employee wellbeing and productivity

Audit Report:

Report issued along with a presentation given to the green team with recommendations on how to green the business/organisation further.

Green Policy:

Assistance with the creation of a Green Policy that will guide operational decisions within the business.

Green Training:

Green training conducted for employees and the Green Your Home Guide
is distributed to all staff.

GBB Approval:

When GBB status is given to your business/organisation you will receive our Green Business Barbados approval stamp that you can use to promote your business as an approved green business.

Plaque Ceremony:

A GBB plaque will be awarded to the business on completion of the

Let’s make your business greener together.

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