Program Areas

Waste Reduction and Recycling

The Future Centre Trust has been known for their efforts in this area. Green Business Barbados will assist your Green Team in setting up a full recycling system for your operations as well as suggest ways to reduce waste and streamline reduction of waste inside and outside of the office. This can often lead to reduced overhead costs.

Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy

Energy bills are often one of the largest overheads of a business. Green Business Barbados will assist in benchmarking usage and work with the Green Team to develop a strategy to reduce energy consumption based on your businesses energy needs and current usage. 

Water Conservation 

Barbados is a water scarce country and as a result it is a important for businesses to be aware of the role they play in conserving it and the ways that they can do this. Benchmarking water use and implementing measures to reduce consumption, with the Green Team, based on use and budget, will be explored.

Pollution Control and Prevention 

The business will be assessed for any potential sources of pollution and mitigation measures will be put in place in order to reduce and/or eliminate them. This area focuses mainly on air quality within the office as well as office travel and the switch to non-toxic cleaners.

Environmental Education

Environmental Education is the key to training all staff to utilize any new systems put in place during the implementation phase of the Green Business Barbados Program as well as ways that they can reduce their own footprints at home. As a part of this component employees will attend a Green Training session as well as receive a Green Your Home Guide on ways to go Green at Home.

Employee Wellbeing and Productivity

The newest component of the program has been added in order to reflect social sustainability. After all, if your employees are not happy then your business will not be sustainable in the true sense of the word. This component focuses on ways HR and upper level management can implement measures to increase employee wellbeing and inadvertently also productivity.

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