A History of Green Business Barbados

The Green Business Barbados (GBB) program was developed by Environmental Planner Ms. Lani Edghill for the Future Centre Trust (FCT) in 2010. It was facilitated by a grant from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) implemented by the Ministry of Environment and in partnership with the British High Commission, Bridgetown. 

The program was developed to create an environmental management system to facilitate the recognition of existing environmental sustainability efforts by the business community, encourage increased awareness and adoption of sustainable business practices and create a network where the FCT, businesses and the public could share on lessons learned on being “green” in Barbados.

Both the private and public sector have increasingly ascertained the value of the GBB Program. To date, 35 businesses have been approved ranging from insurance companies and accounting firms to architecture firms and shipping companies. 

In 2012, the United Nations/University of the West Indies Green Economy Scoping and Study Synthesis Report identified the GBB program as a key private sector vehicle for Barbados’ transition to a Green economy. The Caribbean Green Economy Committee has also identified the GBB as a catalyst for green economy transition throughout the island.

The FCT signed a technical agreement with the Inter- American Development Bank Multilateral Investment Fund (IADB-MIF) to expand and strengthen the GBB program in 2012. This agreement entailed a vision to create a regionally replicable green business approval program. Prior to re-launching the program the IADB completed a baseline assessment, revised the original standard, addition of two new GBB pathways and the development of a monitoring system to add value to the GBB marketing package. 

Initially, from 2010 to 2012 the project was funded based on a commission system and run by a consultant. From 2012 the IADB funded a full-time GBB coordinator  position until its completion in 2014. The program subsequently underwent changes in overheads following its completion. During this time, a UWI volunteer conducted a study which found that previous green businesses preferred the simple GBB system to the complex pathway system used by the IADB expansion. This resulted in relaunching the program in January 2020 using the GBB system with the original logo.


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