GBB-IF Call For Mini-Grants 2015



     Green Business Barbados – IADB Multilateral Investment Fund

Project No. ATB/ME 13399-BA

GBB Implementation Fund (GIF) – Mini-Grants


The Multilateral Investment Fund is providing financing through the Future Centre Trust for the Green Business Barbados Program. The main objective of this financing  is to promote the use of energy/water efficiency and waste reduction measures by SMEs  through their participation in the GBB certification program. One of the main activities supported by this financing will be the provision of a maximum of 17 mini-grants.

Local small businesses (1-10 employees) are invited to apply for mini-grants to assist with the cost of either Green Business Barbados program certification fees or interventions which align with the Green Business Barbados standard. Businesses can apply for one of the following mini-grants:

What is available?

Mini-grant (A)

A maximum of 9 individual businesses will receive these mini-grants. Businesses must agree to join the GBB certification program and select 3 of 5 GBB focus areas (Mahogany Path).  These mini-grants will cover 100% of GBB program certification fees.

Mini-grant (B)

A maximum of 8 individual businesses will receive these mini-grants in order to cover the cost of interventions which align with the GBB Standard.  This mini-grant is available in two discrete amounts $1,150 (4) and $3000 (4). The amount awarded will be determined based on the GBB standard and must be used for 100% – 50% of cost of the intervention selected by business.

Who can apply?

  • Businesses which agree to complete the GBB program via Application Form.
  • Businesses which have already joined the GBB program
  • Businesses with 10 or less full-time employees/ part-time employees who collectively work no more than 400 hours per week.
  • Businesses which work within one or more of the following sectors:
  • Tourism; Food and/or agriculture (restaurants included); Health and Well-being; Transportation; Manufacturing and/or Design or Retail of Caribbean-created products


Requirements by April 23, 2015 (11:59pm):

  • Complete 2 application forms (below) and email other application materials (listed in Mini-grant application form) to:
  • Mini-grant A – Submit $25 non-refundable deposit
  • Mini-grant B – Submit GBB Program Fee deposit ($250 – $1000, please request quote via email)

*Application fees can be submitted to The Future Centre Trust  via cash or cheque

Other Requirements:

  • Applicants should be guided by the   Scoring Matrix  uploaded here
  • After selection, businesses will be required to agree to GBB Program terms of contract in order to receive the award.  Draft contracts are available on request before April 16, 2015.
  • Businesses must complete GBB certification program by  September 30, 2015


For more information please only email No phone calls.

Please complete BOTH Application forms found below and submit supporting materials outlined in forms.