Green Business Barbados Mini-Grant Application Steps

We want you to be successful with your application and reap the benefits of this small funding opportunity.

For important eligibility information please read the:

Call for Mini Grants

Call for Mini–grants

Then, follow these steps to apply by 11:59 pm April 6, 2015.

  1. Ensure that your business meets the eligibility criteria – Read the Call for Mini-Grants CLICK HERE
  2. Consider this important question: With our help do you have the time to complete the GBB certification by August 30, 2015. It will require between 10 – 25 hours distributed over a period of 3 months.
  3. Complete BOTH Application forms below, pay close attention to the supporting materials required for either Mini-Grant A or Mini-Grant B. Application deposits are required –  either ($25) or  (50% GBB certification fee – quotes can be requested).


Application Form I: GBB Program Application – CLICK HERE

  • This form asks you basic details about your business and about the focus areas you are most interested in.


Application Form II: GBB Mini-Grant Application – CLICK HERE

  • This form asks you questions to determine your ability to be successful in the program. For how these questions or weighted, please take a look at the Scoring Matrix.


Special notes about Application Form II:

  • In this form you must select whether you are applying for Mini-Grant A or B. To determine which mini-grant is best for your needs, please read the “Call for Mini-Grants” and then email us for more information if necessary.
  • This form is not complete until at least 1 testimonial (maximum 3, best will be selected)  is submitted and an application fee is paid to Future Centre Trust. Cheques/cash should be submitted to our office in Edgehill, St.Thomas. All cheques should be written to: The Future Centre Trust.
  • Testimonials can be written by business owners, employees, GBB coaches, customers or anyone affiliated with business.
  • Testimonials should demonstrate reliability of business and willingness to implement GBB action items. If you would like us to give you example of GBB action items (i.e actions we ask you to take to achieve your certification), please email us for more information:
  • For Type B Mini-grants you are required to submit quote, invoice or receipt for GBB intervention/action item (s) for which mini-grant will be used for. Intervention/action item does NOT have to equal requested grant amount but should cover between 100% – 50% of cost identified on quote/invoice/receipt.


Other notes

  • If your business is not able to cover the cost of the intervention in advance then you should submit a quote/invoice for the action item(s) which you would like to use your mini-grant for. If you do submit a quote or invoice then you will be required to submit to FCT a receipt within 30 days of completion of GBB certification process.
  • Testimonials, quotes, invoices or receipts should be emailed (only) to by the deadline.
  • Application deposit should be submitted to the FCT office/mailbox via cash/cheque by the deadline.